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The Alaska Difference

From the frigid waters of Alaska straight to your table, Hy-Vee has the freshest salmon that’s sustainable, healthful and has superior flavor. We are devoted to providing quality fish, and we know right were it comes from—95 percent of our salmon is fished straight from Prince William Sound.

Our salmon are caught after migrating from over 2,000 freshwater rivers across Alaska to the ocean, swimming thousands of miles through the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, before returning to their exact place of birth. As the salmon return, they build up reserves of fat and nutrients to carry them through their rigorous journey upstream. At this point of peak quality, just before the salmon reach fresh water, they are harvested.

Hy-Vee salmon is a Responsible Choice, too. Our partners at Copper River Seafoods are committed to using responsible fishing practices and adhere to strict quotas. Once quotas are met, the fishing season ends, which helps to protect salmon populations for future

generations. Hy-Vee salmon is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for cardiovascular health. Plus, it’s easy to prepare. So bake it, grill it or make some fish tacos—it’s incredibly versatile, quick to cook and perfect for your family’s dinner any night.

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