9 Restaurant-Worthy Fresh Tuna Steak Recipes

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9 Restaurant-Worthy Fresh Tuna Steak Recipes

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October 5 2020


When fresh ahi or yellowfin tuna steaks go on sale, reach for these recipes. Most are simple and easy while some are a little out there if you're looking to challenge yourself in the kitchen. We're looking at you Spicy Tuna Roll Ramen! But, whatever you chose to make, one thing stays constant: They're even better than your favorite restaurant's take.

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  1. Grilled Tuna Steaks with Peach Salsa

    Brushing tuna with a seasoned oil mixture keeps it juicy and flavorful while grilling. 

  2. Seared Ahi Tuna with Sesame-Ginger Dressing

    Fresh and full of Asian flavors. You'll the sesame-encrusted ahi tuna paired with a sesame and soy sauce dressed salad.

  3. Spicy Tuna Roll Ramen

    This is what happens when sushi meets ramen. Strips of nori, thin-sliced veggies, and seared spiced tuna on a bed of slurpable ramen noodles. Definitely one to dig your chopsticks into. 

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  4. Tuna-Tomato Skewers

    Using juicy fair-trade yellowfin tuna steaks makes this recipe shine. Grilled lemons bring out the acidity in the tomatoes and the smoky flavors of the grill.

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  5. Grilled Tuna with Fresh Berry Sauce

    Time to break out the grill! Our quick recipe for medium-rare tuna topped with an easy and fruity blackberry sauce is just 25 minutes away.

  6. Tuna Steaks with Grilled Veggies

    Since tuna is so lean, it can be dry and tough when fully cooked. You'll want to leave the center slightly pink. Start testing the tuna for doneness after a few minutes on the grill.

  7. Yellow and Orange Pepper Tuna Genovese with Rigatoni

    Chef Edi's ahi tuna pasta dish brings the countryside of San Genovese, Italy to your dinner table. Treat yourself, and maybe your family, to this delicious Italian dish.

  8. Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad

    Our take on this traditional southern France salad has freshly seared Ahi tuna steaks, veggies, and hard-boiled eggs.

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  9. Ahi Tuna Melts

    So easy. So cheesy. Skip canned tuna and give the classic tuna melt a gourmet twist with a seared tuna steak.

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