9 Easy Caprese Recipes Featuring Fresh Mozzarella

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9 Easy Caprese Recipes Featuring Fresh Mozzarella

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Hasselback tomatoes stuffed with fresh basil and fresh slices of mozzarella


March 12 2021


If you're looking to make fresh and authentic Italian appetizers, snacks, or main dishes, it doesn't have to be complicated! The Caprese Salad is a great example. For the classic version, all you need are three fresh ingredients: tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese. (And for an even better flavor, make sure you use the fresh mozzarella cheese and locally grown Hy-Vee Homegrown tomatoes!) Using these classic caprese ingredients, we gave BLTs, Dutch Babies, and Eggplant Parmesan, an easy caprese twist. 

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  1. Hasselback Tomatoes

    Skip the salad and make these Hasselback Tomatoes for an unforgettable grilled appetizer. 

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  2. Caprese BLT

    Everything you love about a caprese sandwich plus bacon. What could be bad about that?

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  3. Spinach Caprese Dutch Baby

    The savory breakfast you always craved. This Dutch baby is packed with fresh veggies and fresh mozzarella cheese.

  4. Caprese Skewers

    When in doubt about what appetizer to serve at a party, remember these three things: mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and basil. 

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  5. Caprese Pasta Salad

    Easy pasta salad? Just start with your caprese ingredients and add some pasta balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.

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  6. Sheet Pan Caprese Chicken with Spaghetti Squash

    Taste the flavors of Capri, Italy with this easy one-pan dish. Simply roast the squash and add the chicken during the last 20 minutes of baking.

  7. Caprese-Style Eggplant Stacks

    Crispy eggplant layered with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and pasta sauce. YUM.

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  8. Caprese Meatball Skewers

    Caprese dishes are known to be vegetarian. But if you add meatballs to a classic, it can't be bad... right?

  9. Layered Caprese Pint-Jar Salad

    If you're looking for an easy portable lunch packed with fresh Italian flavor, you've just found it!