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Italian Cooking Guide

A tavola non si invecchia mai
"You never grow old at the dinner table."

Say Ciao!

Say Ciao to Italia at Hy-Vee is back. We're proud to offer even more Italian-crafted Gustare Vita products, in addition to specialty Italian foods you can only find at Hy-Vee. 

To Feed a Crowd

Feast your eyes on an Italian menu that effortlessly feeds a crowd—appetizers, mains, desserts, and all.

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Artisan Pizza Bread

What's the difference between French and Italian bread? By law, French bread cannot contain added fat. Italian bread, however, often contains milk or olive oil and is served with a meal to absorb sauces and olive oils. Both are delicious, especially with an Italian twist.

Asiago Cheese is one of Hy-Vee’s most popular focaccias, and it’s not hard to taste why. Each loaf is topped with 2 ounces of cheese and baked until the cheese is crisp and golden. 

Bagels for dinner is our new best friend. Think of all the savory ways to top a toasted bagel—with melted cheeses, rich sauces, roasted veggies, and more. Best of all, dinner is done is minutes. 

A 10-inch round artisan bread is great for making bread bowls. Just carve out the center and fill with thick dips, soups, or melted cheese. Oh yeah. 

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Last but not least is the beloved Italian loaf, known for its ability to rescue dinner when you're just not sure to make. Think tuna melts, mini pizzas, open-faced cheesesteaks. We'll get you started with our hot and toasty Pizza Wedges.

The Makings of Charcuterie

  • Cured Meats

  • Specialty Cheese

  • Delicious Extras

Learn How to Build a Charcuterie Board

Meet the Italian Reds

Get to know some of our favorite Italian red wines.

  • Chianti

    Chianti wines have many different classifications ranging from Classico to Superiore, and their flavors often include tart, spicy, and herbaceous notes.

  • Brunello di Montalcino

    Often compared to Pinot Noir, this wine contains smooth tannins and has a ripe fruit-forward flavor. Pair with grilled meats, game, and aged cheese.

  • Barbera

    Barbera pairs well with just about anything you throw at it. Interestingly enough, this wine drastically changes in flavor the more it's aged.

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