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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day
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Breakfast In Bed

Start your Valentine's Day on a romantic note with a heartfelt breakfast.

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The Sweetest Snacks

Send your kiddo off to school with the sweetest snacks in their lunchbox.

Create this cute, little creature with 4-oz. strawberry- or raspberry-flavored That’s Smart! apple sauce cups. Turn each cup upside down and attach a pair of adhesive wiggle eyes to the front. For the lovebug’s wings and antennae, cut two hearts from a sheet of red foam and glue two Valentine conversation hearts to the ends of two 2-in. pipe cleaners bent in a curlicue shape. Glue pipe cleaners to the front of wings and affix to back of cup.

Heart-shaped cereal treats are just as heartwarming as they are yummy. Plus, these adorable treats take only 45 minutes to make. 

Personalize these healthy snacks by writing a message of love on a banana with a black ballpoint pen and using a red-colored pen to surround it with hearts. Use a permanent marker on the oranges’ thick rinds to draw emojis of hearts and winking eyes, along with smiles and kisses.

When you swap Xs and Os for Valentine’s conversational hearts with their sweet messages of love, everyone’s a winner. This easy take on the classic game starts by using a graham cracker square as the “board” and piping on frosting to form a grid. Challenge your sweetheart to a match by each picking a different color of hearts to place in horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows.

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Hyvee Culinary Expert Tip
When melting chocolate, make sure it is always uncovered. Covering the chocolate will allow steam to build up and allow water to drop into the chocolate causing it to seize and become grainy and thick instead of smooth and silky.
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