Top 25 Recipes of 2022

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Top 25 Recipes of 2022

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December 20 2022


2022 was a year for flavor — and we hope 2023 tastes just as good! Our customers loved fast, budget-friendly dishes and easy cooking techniques. Check out some of our best recipes of the year below, because these are some we don't want to forget.

  1. Sheet Pan Rainbow Pork

    This recipe isn't just beautiful, it's delicious! How could it not be with all the colors of the rainbow?

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  2. Slow-Cooked Sloppy Joes

    Grab your slow cooker and 5 ingredients to make these super-easy (and super-tasty) Sloppy Joes.

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  3. Crab Rangoon Nachos

    If you love crab rangoons... turn them into nachos! You won't be disappointed.

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  4. Mini Cheeseburger Stuffed Pull-Aparts

    Mini Cheeseburger Stuffed Pull-Aparts are just a few minutes (and ingredients) away.

  5. Frank's RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Buffalo Chicken Dip is a game-day staple. We'll teach you how to cook it in the oven or slow cooker. 

  6. Touchdown Turf Cups

    Every tailgate needs dessert, and these Touchdown Turf Cups will be a crowd favorite.

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  7. Sheet Pan Teriyaki Sesame Chicken

    In just 30 minutes, you can have a stir-fry teriyaki sesame chicken dinner that serves a family of 4. 

  8. Pan-Seared Mushroom Pork Chops

    The reason we love this recipe? It's tasty and only takes 25 minutes! We think you'll love it, too. 

  9. Brat Sliders

    Either as an appetizer or the main entree, these Brat Sliders are definitely worth serving.

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  10. 5-Minute French Toast Mug

    French toast, meet your mug! Add all the ingredients to a mug, stir, and microwave. That's all there is to it.

  11. Philly Cheesesteak Dip

    Meet the dip version of everyone's favorite sandwich! It's baked to perfection in just 20 minutes.

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  12. Peep Skillet S'mores

    Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, customers loved our Peep Skillet S'mores.

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  13. Slushy Blue Punch

    Each glass of this punch is filled with fizz and fruity flavors.

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  14. Homegrown Sweet Corn BLT Salad

    Everyone loves sweet corn in the summer — especially in this BLT version of a salad. 

  15. One-Pan Chicken and Gnocchi

    Weeknight family dinners don't get easier than this 30-minute, one-pan Italian dish.

  16. Midwest Mud Pie Dip

    This shareable dessert is fluffy, chocolatey and oh-so-easy to make.

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  17. Parmesan Orzo with Garlic Shrimp

    Creamy, cheesy orzo will make a delicious weeknight dinner — especially when you top it with tasty shrimp. 

  18. That's Smart! Chicken Enchiladas

    You know what's smart? Using your slow cooker and That's Smart! ingredients to make a delicious slow-cooked dinner. 

  19. Red, White and Blue Popcorn Trail Mix

    Customers loved this 10-minute summer snack made with only 4 ingredients.

  20. Slow Cooker Chili Con Queso

    This appetizer may have been the easiest and cheesiest of the year. 

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  21. Hot Beef Sundaes

    For a taste of the state fair at home, try these savory Hot Beef Sundaes.

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  22. 30-Minute Coconut-Curry Potsticker Soup

    You're only 30 minutes away from this potsticker soup filled with delicious Indian flavors.

  23. Fresh Sweet Corn No-Churn Ice Cream

    Corn has never tasted so sweet — until we used it to make no-churn ice cream.

  24. Grilled Pepperoni Pizza Sliders

    These Grilled Pepperoni Pizza Sliders are grilled to cheesy, gooey, pizza-y perfection.

  25. 3-Ingredient Banana Bread

    This recipe is perfect for any beginner baker, or anyone who doesn't have time to make a loaf of banana bread from scratch.