Bring Back Sunday Dinner


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Bring Back Sunday Dinner

Friends & family unite.

Start a Sunday Dinner

6 tips for bringing Sunday dinner back to the table.

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Almost Homemade Meals

Here's how you can take all the credit for a fabulous feast with hardly any work. We promise we won't tell. 

How to Make Stuffed Chicken Breasts
How to Make Chicken Parmesan

Let's Talk!

5 playful conversation starters to get the group talking. 

What's the best meal you've ever had, and why do you think it was the best?

What unusual food combination do you really enjoy? 

If you could invent a milkshake flavor, what would it be? (We vote for something chocolate, but don't let that influence your answer.)

Name 5 foods you can't live without.

Hy-Vee 3-layer Cake with Piece on Plate

What's something you've always wanted to cook or bake but haven't?

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