6 Sunday Dinner Tips to Get the Tradition Started

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6 Sunday Dinner Tips to Get the Tradition Started

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August 22 2019


It might seem daunting at first ... hosting a group of family and friends on a school night. But once you get into the swing of things, you just might discover how much you value the time together. Here's a few things we've learned from our own Sunday dinners. 

  1. Friends & Family Unite!

    Start by making a list of who you'd like to invite. Consider how many people you can seat comfortably and keep in mind that some guests may want to bring a plus one.

  2. Ask About Food Allergies or Special Diets

    Ask your guests if they have any food restrictions. This will help you accommodate everyone, without anyone feeling excluded.

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  3. Keep It Casual

    No need for an elaborate dinner. The idea is to keep things simple and stress-free so you can focus on being in good company.

  4. Make It a Group Effort

    If others offer to help, just say yes. Potluck-style meals give guests an opportunity to try different things. 

  5. Game On!

    Plan a few activities to keep everyone engaged. Board games, cards, a round of darts, and even taking over the kids’ video games ... whatever keeps you laughing.

  6. Name Your Theme

    Introduce a theme for the next Sunday dinner. Try an Italian night, a fiesta, or Chinese. And for the football lovers, there’s team colors to consider.

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