6 Tips and Must-Dos for a Luxury Outdoor Picnic

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6 Tips and Must-Dos for a Luxury Outdoor Picnic

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June 24 2022


Call it posh, luxury, or over-the-top. Whatever you call it, outdoor picnics are having a moment. But we're not talking about your ordinary picnic. We're setting the seen with blankets, comfy pillows, table runners, cocktails, flowers, and super easy but very impressive recipes you can make in advance. Get our tips on how to throw your best-ever picnic and get some recipes along the way. 

  1. The Set Up

    Set the seen by laying out a fancy blanket, then grab some pillows for seating. You'll also need a short wooden table, like a coffee table, to set all your delicious goodies on.

  2. Deck Out The Table

    Place a tablecloth or placemats on the table first. Then, make the picnic area more stylish and comfortable with blankets and pillows for guests to sit on. Add freshness and color to the table with centerpieces from Hy-Vee Floral. Set each place with cutlery, plates, and glasswear. Add serving trays and cake stands to help present food. Finally, the finishing touches. Complete the spread with details such as candles or small bowls of snacks like nuts, olives, and/or fruit.

  3. Grab and Go

    Now for the fun part, the food! Keep it easy by ordering a charcuterie board or fruit and veggie tray from Hy-Vee. They come premade with everything you need. 

  4. Cheers!

    Include perfectly blended cocktails with no shaker required. Hy-Vee has premixed canned cocktails that are perfect for sipping and cheers-ing. And, if cocktails aren't your thing, serve chilled light-bodied wines such as Pinot Grigio, rosé, and/or Sauvignon Blanc.

  5. Sweet Sweets

    The Hy-Vee Bakery has everything you need for a sweet treat at the end of your picnic! Grab macarons, mini pies, cannoli's, chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, and whatever your guests like! Scatter them on small plates or cake stands around your table so they're easy for guests to grab at any angle. 

  6. The Main Event

    Now it's time for the mains! Prep your mains in advance with one of our go-to picnic recipes. We've compiled a list of 14 recipes that are perfect for any picnic. But, if you're short on time, individual Di Lusso sandwiches and wraps are always available in the deli department or you can order large party subs and sandwich trays online.