13 Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Punches for Your Wedding Event

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13 Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Punches for Your Wedding Event

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June 28 2021


As mocktails continue to be in style, be sure to mix up a few non-alcoholic drinks for your engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners. These recipes are also great for making large batches ahead of time.

  1. Bellini Mocktails

    These bright drinks would be perfect for a brunch bridal shower.

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  2. Rainbow Icebergs

    The striped ice cubes are sure to be a conversation piece. They'd be great for the golf course!

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  3. Sparkling Purple Punch

    This one looks like it belongs in a fancy cocktail bar and would add an elegant note to any rehearsal dinner.

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  4. Pink Mocktail

    Pink will always be a go-to color for bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

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  5. Berry Lemonade

    You can make this lemonade up to 5 days in advance so you have one less thing to worry about the day of your event! Lemonade always goes well with a summer party.

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  6. Sunshine Punch

    Brighten things up with a combination of pineapple sherbet and lemonade. It's sure to wake up your guests at a morning bridal shower!

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  7. Cherry-Kombucha Lemonade

    Kombucha is all the rage, and your guests will feel nice and healthy as they sip! It would be the perfect way to refuel after a bachelorette party workout or yoga.

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  8. Lime Sherbet Punch

    How fun is the bright green color of this punch? It would be great for a garden party.

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  9. Classic Lemonade

    You can never go wrong with a tried-and-true recipe. Who doesn't love to drink a tall lemonade while they play yard games or cruise on the boat?

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  10. Watermelon-Cucumber Coolers

    This is possibly the most refreshing drink we've ever tasted. Sip as you get a mani-pedi or have your hair done for the big day.

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  11. Orange Sherbet Punch

    Orange sherbet just seems to make everything better and always belongs at summer wedding events, in our opinion.

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  12. Sparkling Cranberry-Pomegranate Juice

    Sparkling grape juice adds a nice little bubbly zip. The cranberry flavor lends itself well to both a spring and fall event!

  13. Raspberry-Pineapple Punch

    If you haven't tried the raspberry-pineapple flavor combo yet, now is your chance! This punch would be perfect at red color-themed event.

  14. BONUS: 2 Mocktails from HSTV's Seasons

    Need more mocktail ideas? Watch how to make a Cucumber-Basil Nojito and Hurricane Mocktail.