5 Punches That Add Pizzazz to Your Grad Party

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5 Punches That Add Pizzazz to Your Grad Party

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7UP poured into punch bowl with red punch and garnished with orange slices


February 23 2021


How can you punch up your graduation party? Add some punch, of course! And with these flavors, your gathering will be anything but bland.

  1. Raspberry-Pineapple Punch

    This drink packs a punch with raspberry, pineapple, and fruit punch sweetness. Garnish with maraschino cherries and strawberries for an added wow factor.

  2. Orange Sherbet Punch

    A blend of orange sherbet, strawberry banana juice, and ginger ale soda brings tropical paradise to your party.

  3. Sunshine Punch

    Let the sunshine in with pineapple sherbet, lemonade, and lemon-lime soda. It's the perfectly bright way to welcome summer–and new beginnings!

  4. Lime Sherbet Punch

    This festive green punch will add a surprising pop of color to your party, and the bright citrus flavor will have everyone going back for seconds.

  5. Sparkling Purple Punch

    Go the unexpected route with a combination of raspberry sherbet, grape juice, and ginger beer. The result looks elegant and tastes amazing.