5 Plant-Based Meals to Add to Your Grill Menu

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5 Plant-Based Meals to Add to Your Grill Menu

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March 31 2021


Get by with a little help from our plants! Whether you're an animal lover, an environmental advocate, or want to live your healthiest life, plant-based eating can give you a nutritious diet full of color and variety. 

  1. Meatless Mediterranean Lettuce Wraps

    Grilled food never looked so elegant! Turn meatless meatballs into lettuce wraps in a few easy steps.

  2. Edamame-Rice Burgers

    Don't allow yourself to be green with envy while your neighbors grill up this plant-based burger.

  3. Beet & Carrot Sausages

    If you're a fan of grilled brats and hot dogs, this plant-based option is for you!

  4. Artichoke 'n' Asparagus Flatbreads

    Grill to crispy perfection in just minutes.

  5. Grilled Corn Salad

    This tasty dish works great as a side or as the base of a salad.

  6. BONUS: More Plant-Based Burgers

    Beyond Burgers and Awesome Burgers taste great on the grill!