17 Sliders for the Ultimate Game Day Spread

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17 Sliders for the Ultimate Game Day Spread

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August 2 2021


Why do we love sliders so much? Because just look at the options. You can even set up a slider bar with a variety of cheeses and condiments. 

  1. Classic Sliders

    Nothin' like a classic slider with your favorite toppings. 

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  2. Peanut Butter Sliders

    You might be skeptical about peanut butter on your burger, but trust us, it's delicious. 

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  3. Hawaiian Bread Pull-Apart Sliders

    Everyone will enjoy pulling apart these sweet and savory sandwiches on game day. 

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  4. Bacon and Mushroom Sliders

    Bacon and mushrooms are all you need to make this salty, savory slider. 

  5. Hawaiian Sliders

    A juicy burger with juicy pineapple on top? Every bite explodes with flavor. 

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  6. Buffalo Bacon Blue Cheese Sliders

    Just because these sliders a small doesn't mean they lack bold flavor! 

  7. Gourmet Bacon Cheddar Sliders

    Serve bacon-and-cheddar-stuffed burgers without the extra work, thanks to Hy-Vee's meat department. 

  8. Gourmet Mignon Sliders

    Don't be afraid to kick your tailgate party up a notch with these gourmet mignon sliders. 

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  9. Buffalo Chicken Sliders

    You can have buffalo chicken sliders without the extra fat thanks to this recipe. 

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  10. Pineapple Chipotle Turkey Sliders

    Make your own easy chipotle mayo for a spicy little burger. 

  11. Meatball Sliders

    It's like a meatball sub, but as a saucy burger!

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  12. Southwest Avocado Sliders

    Can't get enough of avocado? You'll love these southwest sliders. 

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  13. Mini Turkey Sliders

    Go for turkey instead of beef for a leaner slider with just as much flavor. 

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  14. Sassy Caesar Chicken Burger Sliders

    A little sass is never a bad thing. Serve these chicken burger sliders on ciabatta bread. 

  15. Grilled Steak Sliders with Cola Barbecue Sauce

    Swap the ground beef for steak and lather the sliders with Cola barbecue sauce. 

  16. Blackberry-Bourbon Burger Sliders

    Want to get a little fancy with your tailgate menu? Serve these sliders that are sure to impress. 

  17. BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

    Don't forget about classic BBQ pulled pork. These sliders will sure to be a fan favorite.