14 Recipes That Will Keep You Tailgating Morning to Night

Entertaining: Game Day
14 Recipes That Will Keep You Tailgating Morning to Night

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April 22 2024


Hy-Vee has the food and beverages you'll need from pregame breakfast to postgame celebrations.

  1. Grilled Breakfast Pizza

    Our take-and-bake Mia Italian Pizzas are perfect for the grill.

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  2. Glazed Donut Burgers

    Have you ever thought of switching out a bun for a glazed donut on that burger? Genius, right?! 

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  3. Chicken-and-Waffle Bites

    Make everyone's favorite brunch recipe portable. Just make a sandwich and add skewers!

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  4. Football Cinnamon Rolls

    Make cinnamon rolls game day-ready by frosting with milk chocolate and piping white sparkle gel football laces.

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  5. Tailgate Breakfast Nachos

    Potato chips + sausage + eggs = amazing.

  6. Sesame Turkey Bites

    Portable food is the name of the tailgating game.

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  7. Beer-Can Cheeseburgers

    Beer goes great with burgers, so why not use that can to make a delicious gourmet sandwich?

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  8. Slow-Cooked BBQ Country-Style Ribs

    Trust us, ribs are always a crowd pleaser.

  9. Cheesy Piggies in a Blanket with Come-Back Sauce

    These are easy to make and extra refreshing on those crisp fall days.

  10. Halftime Hummus

    Fill up on a healthy snack to get ready for the second half.

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  11. Yellowhammer Slammer

    Take a break from the action with an easy-to-make cocktail that serves (and pleases) a crowd.

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  12. Spiked Blueberry Lemonade

    This cocktail is especially tasty for those afternoon games when the weather is still warm.

  13. Candied Margarita

    Yep, this margarita has skittles in it. Because why not?

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  14. Peanut Butter S'mores Crispy Rice Treats

    S'mores are the greatest outdoor dessert of all time.