Beer Styles

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Beer Styles

Be a craft beer expert. 

Raise Your Glass Game

  • Nonic Pint

    Great for session beers, English ales, or bitters.

  • Snifter

    Good for barley wines and imperial stouts.

  • Pilsner

    For high-carbonated beers like pilsners and light ales.

  • Thistle

    A modified tulip glass designed for Scotch ales.

  • Tulip

    Designed for Belgium ales, but great as a go-to.

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Ales & Lagers

In the world of beer, there are two main categories: ales and lagers. Learn who's who.

  • Ales

    Ales are brewed with top-fermenting yeast at warmer temperatures.

    Types of Ale Beers
  • Lagers

    Lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast at cooler temperatures.

    Types of Lagers

5 Questions to Ask When You Don't Know What Beer to Buy

So you want to try something new, but oh man, there's a lot of craft beer on the shelf. Here's what you should ask your Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits expert. 

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Typically when you pair beer with cheese, you want to match strong-flavored beers with pungent cheeses. However, for this recipe, we like a lighter wheat beer to let the sharp notes of cheddar come through. 

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Just another example of how absolutely delicious beer and cheese can be. 

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Best Grilled Food & Beer Pairings

Here's to our favorite beers, and the grilled foods we eat with them.

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Why beer can chicken? Because beer. And chicken. The steam from the beer helps cook the bird evenly while keeping the meat nice and juicy. Plus, this recipe requires half a can of beer. What you do with the other half is up to you. 

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How to Make Beer Can Chicken

Charcuterie & Beer Pairings

  • Italian Dry Salami

    Pair with Kolsch or Pilsner. Both are light and crisp, but also acidic enough to cut through the fat.

  • Prosciutto

    Pair with a Pilsner for a light and crisp easy drinking beer, or Gose that will accentuate the salt.

  • Genoa Salami

    Pair with a pale European lager or a American lager. Both are light and crisp, allowing the flavor of the meat to come through.

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west coast ipa and carrot cake
Try Hy-Vee Bakery carrot cake with West Coast IPA
Hyvee Culinary Expert Tip
West Coast India Pale Ale (IPA) and carrot cake is one of my all-time favorite pairings! This style of beer places hop flavor, aroma, and bitterness in the forefront with noticeable floral, fruit, and citrus character.
Brian Hoppe, Certified CiceroneBrian HoppeHy-Vee Director of Restaurant Beverage Development, Certified Cicerone

Say Hello to Sours

  • Lambics

    Lambics are spontaneously fermented with wild yeast and can take a year or more to complete fermentation.

  • Flanders Red Ale

    This fruit-forward sour is described by some as red wine-like with a balancing malt profile.

  • Berliner Weisse

    Pale with a low alcohol content, Berliner Weisse has a high carbonation level and a strong sour taste.

Learn About Sour Beers
Hyvee Culinary Expert Tip
Sour beers have been a favorite of mine recently. Tart styles like Gose and Berliner Weisse have become more and more popular, with many of them being fruited. I never thought I would like fruit in my beer, or a sour beer, but here I am. Can't get enough of them!
Eric DodgeHy-Vee Wine & Spirits Manager, Waterloo, IA, Certified Cicerone, Beer Steward

Let's All Float On

Find out what happens when you drop the root from root beer floats. 

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More Rounds of Beer

Learn to make shandies, radlers, beertails, and brush up on your beer terms.