10 Charcuterie and Beer Pairings You Need to Try

10 Charcuterie and Beer Pairings You Need to Try

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capocolla sliced on table


September 17 2018


Certain beers can enhance the flavors and spice in charcuterie; others can tame it. Here we explore the perfect balance between two of our favorite things. Meat and beer. 

  1. Hot Capocolla

    Made from lean cuts of pork shoulder, this dried and cured meat is spiced with cayenne and paprika for a spicy and smoked pepper flavor.

    Pair with: IPA to accentuate the spicy flavor or a sweet and light Bock to contrast the spicy flavor.  

  2. Hot Soppressata

    Stout beer in nonic glass

    This robustly flavored meat is seasoned with sweet fennel, hot peppers, paprika, and red wine.

    Pair with: A creamy and rich flavored Porter or Stout to cut the heat. 

  3. Italian Dry Salami

    Select cuts of pork, full-bodied wine, and slow curing makes this salami worth a trip to the deli counter.

    Pair with: a Kolsch or Pilsner beer. Both are light and crisp allowing the flavor of the salami to shine but are acidic enough to cut through the fat. 

  4. Peppered Salami

    This mildly spiced salami is aged for eight weeks and rolled in freshly cracked peppercorns for a rich and spicy flavor.

    Pair with: Amber ale which has a mild sweet flavor to balance the spicy pepper flavor, or a Vienna Style Lager which is sweet, crisp, and smooth to combat the spiciness of the salami.

  5. Genoa Salami

    American lager in glass with foam

    We like to call Genoa Salami the all-purpose salami. It's perfect for sandwiches, antipasto, pizza, etc. It has a blend of cracked peppercorns and fresh garlic for an unbeatable, and versatile flavor. 

    Pair with: A Pale European Lager or a American Adjunct Lager. Both are light and crisp to decrease the fattiness of the meat.

  6. Prosciutto Americano

    Everything you could ever want in prosciutto. Prosciutto Americano has a sweet clean flavor with just a hint of salt. 

    Pair with: Pilsner for a light and crisp easy drinking beer, or Gose that will accentuate the salt.

  7. Prosciutto Picante

    American wheat light beer in glass with foam

    Fully aged, this prosciutto is rubbed with freshly ground fennel and red pepper for a bright and spicy flavor.

    Pair with: An American wheat to cool the spiciness or a Tripel to bring out the spiciness.

  8. Mortadella

    This creamy and delicious cold cut hails from Bologna, Italy. It is made with pork and various spices. Sometimes it is made with hints of garlic, olives, and other various ingredients.

    Pair with: IPA or Saison. Both are able to cut through the fattiness of the mortadella. 

  9. Speck Americano

    Scotch Ale beer in a thistle glass

    This fully aged prosciutto is cold smoked over Applewood to add a deep sweetness that you won't be able to get enough of.

    Pair with: Smoky forward beers such as a Scotch Ale or Rauchbier.

  10. Lardo

    This fatty and lightly spiced cured meat has a creamy texture with a rich flavor and an herbal finish.

    Pair with: Cream ale for an easy drink to tame the slight spice and accentuate the meat, or a Porter to dull the spice and cut the fattiness of the Lardo.