7 Beer Cocktail Recipes to Change Up Your Party Menu

7 Beer Cocktail Recipes to Change Up Your Party Menu

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Carona beerrita in glass filled with ice and garnished with lime wedge


May 4 2018


Beer or cocktail? Or how about a beertail? Check out the drink recipes that blend fruit, booze, and other mixers to make deliciously spiked refreshments. 

  1. Beer and Bourbon Cocktails

    Fresh pineapple, bourbon, and wheat beer blend beautifully in this clever concoction. 

  2. Corona Beer-rita

    Everything you love about beer and margaritas, all mixed into one.

  3. Apple Pie Beertail

    IPA beer gets a sweet and cinnamon-spiced makeover. (Yes, it really tastes like apple pie.)

  4. Bourbon Radler

    It's like a shandy, only with a splash of bourbon. Try it with your favorite wheat beer.

  5. Chocolate Bourbon Russian

    A classic White Russian takes on dessert with chocolate stout beer, cream, and chocolate syrup.

  6. Summer Beer

    Summer or not, this refreshing wheat beer, lemonade, and citrus vodka mix tastes as bright as it looks. 

  7. Irish Wedding

    Two simple (but surprising) ingredients is all you need for this easy beer cocktail.