9 Vodka Martini Recipes to Shake Up Cocktail Hour

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9 Vodka Martini Recipes to Shake Up Cocktail Hour

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May 5 2022


Is it really cocktail hour without a martini? Specifically a vodka martini? We like ours shaken... not stirred (because we all just want to be 007, or at least feel like him). Grab your cocktail shaker and mix up some of our go-to recipes. We're serving up dirty vodka martinis, lemon chiffon martinis, and even white chocolate dessert martinis.

  1. Lemon Chiffon Martini

    Limoncello is a sweet but pucker-y drink often served in small amounts after an Italian meal. But ... you can also use it to whip up this vanilla-lemon martini, you know, for a twist. 

  2. White Martini

    Decadent white chocolate dessert martinis, anyone? 

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  3. Newton Martini

    If you order a Bloody Mary and hold the tomato juice, you might end up with a cocktail that tastes like this. Garnish with a slice of salami, pepperoncini, and blue cheese-stuffed olives.

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  4. Limoncello Martini

    Our Limoncello Martini is an Italian take on the classic lemon drop. What takes it over-the-top? The limoncello-infused sugar rim.

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  5. Dirty Vodka Martini

    Dirty martinis... love 'em or hate 'em. If you love them, this recipe is for you! You can try it with different types of add-ons such as blue cheese, pickled jalapenos, and even garlic cloves.

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  6. Citrus Vodka Martini

    The classic martini is an easy drink to mix but a difficult cocktail to master... until now. Shake up our favorite martini by adding orange bitters and a lemon peel for a citrusy twist. 

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  7. Peppermint Santa Martini

    Looking for a Christmas cocktail that won't disappoint? Even Santa can't resist these peppermint-flavored martinis made with Smirnoff Peppermint Twist Vodka.

  8. Martini at Midnight

    Enjoy this easy martini at midnight, or really any time! For an show-stopping effect, add a few cubes of dry ice.

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  9. Bunny Hop Martini

    This recipe gets it's name from the cotton candy garnish. But at it's base, it's a delicious coconutty martini. Yum.

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