16 Recipes That Scream Fourth of July

Holidays: July 4th
16 Recipes That Scream Fourth of July

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June 25 2018


We've had some fun with Fourth of July recipes over the years. But these are the ones we turn to year after year. 

  1. Stuffed Strawberries

    This party-popping berry recipe is as easy as it looks. Only three ingredients: strawberries, whipped topping, and blueberries.

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  2. American Flag Parfaits

    Whether you're a health nut or in need of a light breakfast after a big cookout, this vanilla-ie chia seed "pudding" will do the job.

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  3. Red, White and Blue Rice Cereal Treats

    It's the classic recipe, only more colorful. Note: We made these in three separate 8x8 baking pans.

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  4. Mixed Berry Sangria

    It's a combination of Moscato, champagne, apple juice, and lots of fruit, but it's really all about the star-shaped apple garnish.

  5. Fourth of July Jell-O Shots

    Start these the day before. They're super simple to make, but they require chilling time between layers. 

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  6. Easy Star-Shaped Ice Cream Bars

    This sugar cookie recipe is good on its own, but we all know ice cream makes everything better. 

  7. Sparkling Ice Cream Cake

    Check out the center of this cake! Cake balls inside a cake—how meta. A 9x13 cake from a box mix or from scratch is just the right amount of cake for the cake balls inside. 

  8. Red, White, and Blue Dipped Strawberries

    Not just for Valentine's, chocolate-dipped strawberries can be a refreshing patriotic treat. 

  9. Firework Cupcakes

    Fair warning, this is not actually a recipe, but more of an idea. Also, we don't recommended eating any cupcakes that have had a sparkler in them. So remember to get extra.

  10. Star-Studded Gelato Desserts

    One of our favorite sundae toppers is made from store-bought puff pastry. Just cut out the stars with a cookie cutter and bake. 

  11. Classic Berry Flag Trifle

    If you don't have a trifle dessert stand yet, it's time to invest. This beloved classic isn't going anywhere. 

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  12. Red, White, and Blue Cocktails

    These drinks are all about the colored sugar rim, a quick trick that only takes a couple minutes.

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  13. Best Fourth of July Burger

    Can't let a summer holiday go by without burgers on the grill. This one was designed especially for the Fourth. 

  14. Mini American Pies

    Here in the Hy-Vee test kitchen, we practically worship ready-to-bake pie crusts. 

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  15. Cute Flag Cupcakes

    Need a cute and quick cupcake decorating idea? This is it. You can even buy the cupcakes already frosted to save time.

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  16. Red, White, and Blue Jell-O Pie

    If you're gonna have Jell-O at the picnic, it better be in a pie. Seriously, the combination of the honey graham crust with the sweet Jell-O is oddly delicious. 

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