19 Food & Drink Recipes in Every Color of the Rainbow to Show Your Pride

19 Food & Drink Recipes in Every Color of the Rainbow to Show Your Pride

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May 24 2022


Pride Month is about accepting and celebrating who you are. Because each individual brings a different color to the rainbow! Here are 19 ways to get festive with rainbow-colored foods and drinks, along with 19 Pride Month fun facts.

  1. Refreshing Rainbow Shaved Ice

    The rainbow flag debuted at the 1978 San Francisco Pride Parade. Get creative and colorful with this easy shaved ice recipe.

  2. Rainbow Jell-O Squares

    Pride parades have been a tradition for every major Pride celebration since 1969. Layered Jell-O squares will be the show-stopper at your party!

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  3. Rainbow Paradise Cocktail

    Each color of the rainbow flag represents the diversity of the LGBTQ community. This flag-inspired cocktail is one of our top-rated drink recipes.

  4. Rainbow Pancake Stack

    Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.S., inspired his friend Gilbert Baker to create the rainbow flag. Add some Pride to your breakfast with this surprisingly easy pancake recipe, featuring every color of the rainbow.

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  5. Rainbow Bread

    Yes, even bread can be technicolor! Did you know the turquoise color in the rainbow flag represents magic and art?

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  6. Strawberry Froze Slushy

    The red stripe of the rainbow flag represents life. These slushies featuring rose wine and frozen strawberries will certainly give your party life!

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  7. Veggie Rainbow Spring Rolls

    These veggie rolls are inspired by Asian cuisine. In Shanghai, China, the first official Pride event was a Rainbow Bike Parade.

  8. Rainbow Icebergs

    The striped rainbow flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978. Striped ice cubes are a great way to add bright, citrusy tastes to your drink.

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  9. Rainbow Surprise Cake

    The largest Pride parade takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with around 5 million attendees every year. This festive cake will bring the tropical colors of Brazil home to you! 

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  10. Rainbow Rum Slushies

    The Cross Keys rum featured in this recipe comes from Barbados. The first official Barbados Pride celebration was in 2018.

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  11. Pineapple Colada Slushies

    Yellow represents sunlight. Brighten up your day with Pineapple Colada Slushies!

  12. Lemonade Confetti Cake

    Gilbert Baker also created a mile-long Rainbow Flag in New York to mark the 25th anniversary of the gay civil rights movement.

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  13. Whiskey and Orange

    Orange symbolizes healing. Add an orange element to your cocktail party with this drink recipe.

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  14. Rio Rainbow

    Rio de Janeiro's Pride Parade takes place on the Copacabana beach, with sound-wired trucks slowly making their way across the sand while people dance around them. Add some Rio flair to your celebration with Rio Rainbows.

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  15. Rainbow Lasagna with Spiralized Zucchini

    The Milano Pride festival is one of the largest gay and lesbian organized events in Italy. This rainbow lasagna recipe would be perfect for a nice wine-tasting party.

  16. Green Bloody Mary

    Green symbolizes nature, so kick off your Pride festivities with a nice Green Bloody Mary on the patio.

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  17. Roasted Rainbow Beet Salad

    Beets originate from Greece, where Athens has an annual Pride street parade past the Greek Parliament. Give your Pride celebration a healthy kick with beet salad.

  18. Fried Shrimp and Rainbow Slaw Bowls

    This recipe calls for Zatarain's New Orleans Style Fish Fri breading mix. Did you know New Orleans won "Most Welcoming City" from GayCities.com? Each June, a massive parade takes place in the French Quarter.

  19. Frozen Blue Daiquiri

    Indigo stands for serenity and harmony, two things you'll definitely feel when you sip these daiquiris. 

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