7 Meal Prepped Meat Recipes for the Week Ahead

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7 Meal Prepped Meat Recipes for the Week Ahead

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August 4 2020


No time for a homecooked meal during the week? Us too. That's why we're meal prepping these 7 meat-based recipes for the week ahead. The best part? Once you've prepped your big batch base recipe, you can turn them into sandwiches, casseroles, stir-fries, and more in almost no time!

  1. Grilled Flank Steak

    Start with Hy-Vee Angus Reserve beef flank steaks, mix up a flavorful marinade, and grill! It's really that easy. The best part? You can make 4 meals using the Grilled Flank Steak as the base. Try our recipes for Summer Steak SaladItalian NachosCuban Steak Sandwich, and Banh Mi Bowls.

  2. Chicken Enchilada Starter

    Here's what's sure to become your absolute favorite mealtime starter—a flavorful mixture of tender bites of shredded chicken, corn, and black beans. The chicken simmers in spicy enchilada sauce, which kicks up the flavor of the easiest weeknight meals. Use this flavorful starter in these recipes: Easy Enchilada BakeSeven-Layer Nacho Salad, and Chicken Enchilada Soup.

  3. Seasoned Pork

    Our Seasoned Pork recipe is great as part of our Sweet and Sour Pork Stir-Fry recipe or as the main protein in your other favorite pork-based recipes. Go ahead and give it a try!

  4. Make-Ahead Beef Enchilada Casserole

    Batch cooking? Try making our Beef Enchilada Casserole! It can be made ahead of time and frozen, which makes for an easy weeknight meal.

  5. Savory Beef Starter

    This simple slow-cooker starter will do more than earn a spot in your regular line-up of freezer-ready creations. Once the beef is seared, cook it until fork-tender in a slow cooker. Try it out in one of our delicious weeknight meals: Hearty Beef StewGarlicky Hoisin Beef, and Barbecue Beef Sandwiches.

  6. Sheet-Pan Seasoned Chicken

    In need of a quick weeknight dinner? Prep our Sheet-Pan Seasoned Chicken, freeze or refrigerate until you're ready to eat, and use it in our Make-Ahead Chicken Fajitas recipe! It doesn't get easier than that.

  7. Meatball Starter

    Large, moist and tender all the way through. Meatballs are the ultimate comfort food families crave at dinnertime. This generous batch makes enough for three easy meals: Meatball SlidersMeatball Stroganoff, and Sweet-Sour Meatball Kabobs