8 Holiday Dishes that Don't Require Oven Space

Holidays: New Year's
8 Holiday Dishes that Don't Require Oven Space

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October 24 2022


When oven space is tight during the holidays, turn to these easy sides—no oven required.

  1. A Dual or Triple Purpose Dish

    Mini meatballs in the slow cooker can be whatever you want them to be—a kid-friendly mini sub, a festive holiday appetizer, a late-night bite...

  2. Kick Things Off with a Kick

    Spicy but not too spicy, this hot and cheesy dip takes up no oven space during big meals.

  3. Not Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

    And even more tender and delicious. Just add all the ingredients to your slow-cooker 3 hours before your scheduled feast.

  4. A Fresh Take on Green Beans

    Bold and simple—that's how we like our holiday green beans.

  5. Stuffing on the Stovetop

    To speed things along, cook your rice one to two days in advance, and store in the refrigerator.

  6. Against the Grain

    Just mix, let rise, and plop in the slow cooker. You'll have fresh-"baked" bread in less than 2 hours. 

  7. Dessert Does Not Require an Oven

    Perfect cheesecake, every single time. 

  8. Slow Cooker Cake

    Cheesecake isn't the only thing you can make in the slow cooker. Check out this peanut butter and chocolate cake.