8 Ways to Use Jarred Pasta Sauce That Aren't Pasta

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8 Ways to Use Jarred Pasta Sauce That Aren't Pasta

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January 17 2022


Pasta sauce comes in many different forms, traditional red sauce, pesto, and Alfredo, just to name a few. Each one lends complex flavors and aromas that really pair with a blank canvas like pasta. But what about other dishes? Sauces are one of the most versatile ingredients to keep on hand in your kitchen and can really transform any dish from bland and boring to the talk of the dinner table! Not sure what kind of pasta sauce to buy? Try Gustare Vita products; they are sourced from Italy (the origin of pasta and pasta sauces) and the packaging is recyclable. We have put together 8 of our favorite recipes that will have you discovering how else to utilize your pasta sauces other than with pasta!

  1. Italian Poutine

    This is a Canadian-inspired dish with an Italian twist: Gustare Vita Tomato Basil Pasta sauce.

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  2. Creamy Tomato Basil Gnocchi Soup

    Enjoy a hearty, creamy soup filled with veggies and heavenly bites of gnocchi.

  3. Pesto Egg Avocado Toast

    This is an ideal recipe to use your leftover Gustare Vita Pesto Sauce! Pair with avocado and an over-easy egg for a decedent and hearty breakfast. 

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  4. Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breast

    To make this recipe it only takes 4 ingredients. Now that is a weeknight meal win!

  5. Italian Roast Beef Sliders

    Switch up the flavors of your traditional baked pull-apart sliders by using roast beef, pesto, banana peppers, and Italian seasoning.

  6. Pizza Animal Pancakes

    Turn pancakes into pizzas by adding sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings. If you're feeling extra-creative, you can even turn them into your kids' favorite animals. Just follow our easy directions!

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  7. Meatball Sub Casserole

    A quick and hearty Italian meal is easier than you think. Instead of assembling an individual sandwich for everyone, toss just 4 ingredients into a casserole dish and bake. It's really that simple.

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  8. Chicken Alfredo Stromboli

    Gustare Vita Alfredo sauce, chicken, and basil make the perfect trio in this flavorful Stromboli recipe.