I Dip, You Dip, We Dip: 10 Recipes to Get the Party Started

Entertaining: Game Day
I Dip, You Dip, We Dip: 10 Recipes to Get the Party Started

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February 2 2018


Get out the chips and veggies, here come the party dips.

  1. 7-Layer Gameday Dip

    Ya it's good with chips, but it makes a pretty mean taco filling, too. 

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  2. Spicy Honey Mustard Dip

    This dip's great with pretzels, but even better with soft baked pretzel bread.

  3. Creamy Nacho Dip

    People always regret not making a double batch of this beefy dip. 

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  4. Asian Avocado Dip

    It's just different enough to pique the interest of every chip holder at the party.

  5. Jalapeno Popper-Crab Dip

    Hands down, this one wins the Most Valuable Dip award. Every game. 

  6. Southern Avocado Seven-Layer Dip

    You've probably had a version of this with refried beans, but have you tried it with baked beans and bbq? 

  7. Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Because you can't call it game day without it.

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  8. Halftime Hummus

    An easy one-step hummus with smoky chipotle is just what your carrot stick needs.

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  9. Chocolate Dessert Dip

    Not in the mood for baking? This 3-ingredient dip goes great with fruit or graham crackers.

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  10. Zesty Ranch Dip

    Because it goes on everything. (No one has to know this is the lightened up version.)

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