Let's Talk! 10 Ways to Get Your Family Chatting

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Let's Talk! 10 Ways to Get Your Family Chatting

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Girl Eating Pasta with Dad in the Kitchen


August 10 2021


Sick of one-word answers at the dinner table? Try these questions to get the conversation started, plus thought starters for discussion.

  1. What Made You Smile Most Today?

    Hopefully it was their dinner! Try one of these kid-approved sheet pan dinners that make cleanup simply.

  2. If You Could Invite a Celebrity to Dinner, Who Would It Be and Why?

    We'd invite Valerie Bertinelli, so she can cook for us. 

    P.S. Try Valerie's recipe for Bucatini with Wilted Spinach and Lemon Mascarpone Sauce


  3. What's Your Favorite Family Memory?

    Cooking family meals together is a great opportunity to create new memories or share all-time favorites! Check out these easy meals to make with kids, including Spaghetti Tacos and Sundae Salad.

  4. If You Could Invent a Milkshake Flavor, What Would It Be?

    Chocolate Cookie Monster Shake with Cookies, Caramel Corn, and Donut

    Need some thought starters? Here are 6 of our favorite milkshake recipes.

  5. What Sport or Activity Would You Like to Try That You've Never Done?

    Make sure your kids are ready to try that sport with healthy pre- and post-workout snacks.

  6. What's Something You've Always Wanted to Cook or Bake But Haven't?

    If you can't think of anything, might we recommend this decadent chocolate cake recipe?

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  7. What's the Funniest Thing That Ever Happened to You?

    Speaking of funny, HSTV.com has tons of fun videos to watch as a family. Learn cool recipes, hack your life, and even spend a day in the life of an English Mastiff. 

  8. If You Couldn't Use Technology for a Week, What Would You Do with Your Time?

    Mother and Daughter Washing Lettuce in Kitchen

    One thing you should definitely consider: More cooking together as a family! Here are 5 easy ways to get kids involved in meals.

  9. What's the Best Meal You've Had and Why Do You Think It Was the Best?

    Hopefully it's one of these 4-ingredient dinners!

  10. Name 5 Foods You Can't Live Without.

    One of ours is definitely sweet potato fries.