8 Cheap Breakfast & Dinner Ideas for Meals That Are Less Than $2.25 per Serving

8 Cheap Breakfast & Dinner Ideas for Meals That Are Less Than $2.25 per Serving

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Rice, cheese, broccoli and chicken casserole in casserole dish


June 8 2020


You don't have to be on a budget to appreciate saving money. Here we'll share seven of our favorite meals that are less than $2.25 per serving! Plus, we'll include a few more ideas for budget-friendly breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks.

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  1. One-Pot Spaghetti and Meatballs

    This recipe checks ALL the boxes: It's easy, budget-friendly, uses only one pot, and tastes delicious.

  2. Stuffed French Toast

    Give your fancy brunch spot a day off and try this money-saving yet indulgent version of Stuffed French Toast.

  3. Broccoli, Chicken, and Rice Casserole

    It's easy to make and hard to stop eating, this comforting chicken casserole is definitely a family favorite that will keep you on budget.

  4. Shredded Chicken BBQ Sandwiches

    Upgrade your lunch or dinner without spending a penny more. This easy and affordable chicken BBQ sandwich takes just 20 minutes to make.

  5. PB & J Bars

    Make your own breakfast or snack bars with this simple, budget-friendly recipe using everyone's favorite peanut butter and jelly combo.

  6. Mac & Cheese

    We know what you're thinking... mac & cheese is already cheap to make. But this version has a few homemade twists and includes (mostly) hidden mixed veggies and crushed oyster crackers.

    Also try our budget-friendly macaroni salad.

  7. Beef Tacos

    What we love most about this recipe? The homemade taco seasoning recipe that's included. Learn to make your own signature blend with a few pantry-friendly spices.

  8. Tuna Noodle Casserole

    Casseroles are a smart way to feed a family of four to six on a budget, and this one is no exception. If you're not a fan of tuna, try using chicken instead.