Easy as 1, 2, 3: Quick 3-Ingredient Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Ideas

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Easy as 1, 2, 3: Quick 3-Ingredient Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Ideas

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April 21 2021


Make amazing 3-ingredient dishes with help from Hy-Vee and a few pantry staples in 20 minutes or less! Grab a plate and cue the applause.

  1. Sausage-Hashbrown Skillet

    Start the day off right with a hearty, protein-packed skillet.

  2. Creamy Green Smoothies

    Blend these 3 ingredients, pour into a portable cup, and you’re out the door!

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  3. Breakfast Cookies

    Trick the kids into eating a healthy breakfast by serving them oatmeal and bananas in cookie form.

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  4. Easy Spicy Chili

    Turn up the heat on Hy-Vee Kitchen brickhouse chili with diced tomatoes and green chilies.

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  5. Greek Hummus Wrap

    Banish fast food for good! You can make this healthy and light lunch in mere minutes.

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  6. Sriracha Ramen Bowls

    A great bowl of ramen doesn’t have to take tons of time and ingredients! Just use our convenient shortcuts.

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  7. Pizza-Stuffed Chicken Breasts

    Chicken + pizza? This will be a new family dinner favorite.

  8. Country Steak Salad

    Fill up on a delicious, nutritious plate of country ranch salad topped with sirloin steak.

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  9. Veggie-Stuffed Peppers

    Veggie lovers, this one’s for you! Try these spicy, flavorful peppers for dinner tonight.

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