17 Cocktails Under 200 Calories Per Serving

17 Cocktails Under 200 Calories Per Serving

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December 17 2020


If you're watching your calorie intake, you can still enjoy a cocktail. Just reach for one of our "healthier" concoctions. Each of these cocktails are mixed to contain 200 calories or less. 

  1. Mint Mojito

    When we say this cocktail is light, we mean it! Each cocktail is under 150 calories per serving but still has the refreshing flavor and bubbly fizz you love in your mojito. 

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  2. Blood Orange and Thyme Spritzers

    Lighter in calories, but not in flavor. Get all of the unique flavors of peach, blood orange, and thyme in this tasty lighter cocktail.

  3. Cherry-Honey Splash

    With flavors of cherry and honey, how can you go wrong? Plus, our gin cocktail is under 200 calories per serving.

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  4. Hatch Pepper Palomas

    Give a spicy kick to a traditional Mexican grapefruit Paloma. Use Hatch peppers while they're in season or substitute jalapenos.

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  5. Skinny Margarita

    Make this skinny margarita your go-to cocktail. It has less than 150 calories per serving but is packed with all the flavors you love. 

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  6. Blackberry-Basil Cocktail

    You only need 4 ingredients to feel like a master mixologist. And, each cocktail is under 200 calories per serving. So, go ahead, and indulge!

  7. Irish Whiskey Mules

    It's like a Moscow mule but with an Irish twist. (Hint: It includes whiskey).

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  8. Dirty Vodka Martini

    Dirty martinis... love 'em or hate 'em. If you love them, this recipe is for you! You can try it with different types of add-ons such as blue cheese, pickled jalapenos, and even garlic cloves.

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  9. Grapefruit Vodka Soda

    Enjoy this refreshing sweet-tart drink flavored with grapefruit vodka and grapefruit juice.

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  10. Earl Grey Hot Toddy

    Love tea and a stiff drink? Then, you've got to give this Earl Grey Hot Toddy a try.

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  11. Blackberry Vodka Cocktail

    Blackberry vodka and ginger beer: Those are the two ingredients you need to make this cocktail come to life.

  12. Tequila Seltzer

    If you're looking to cut calories while enjoying a cocktail every once in a while, try this recipe for a simple tequila seltzer. 

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  13. Cranberry Kombucha Cocktail

    Our unique spin on a cranberry cocktail includes cranberry kombucha, which is full of probiotics to maintain a healthy gut.

  14. Irish Orange Old Fashioned

    Bring brightness and flavor to this Jameson Irish whiskey by rubbing the orange peel garnish around the edge of the cocktail glass before adding it to the drink.

  15. Jamaican Dark and Stormy

    Specialty cocktails don't have to be complicated. Just grab ginger beer, rum, and lime juice for this classic drink.

  16. Grapefruit Spritzers

    Lighter cocktails are achievable, just look at these 90-calorie Grapefruit Spritzers.

  17. Orange Brandy Hot Toddy

    Our quick hot toddy recipe is infused with orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and brandy. 

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