8 Bourbon Cocktails to Savor

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8 Bourbon Cocktails to Savor

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September 22 2021


From fruity flavors to warm chai spices, you're sure to find your new favorite bourbon cocktail. Pair them with snacks from Hy-Vee, and you're ready to sit back and relax. 

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  1. Apple Cider Bourbon

    This apple-flavored cocktail made with Maker's Mark bourbon goes great with spicy breaded pickles

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  2. Vanilla-Bourbon Cocktail

    Mixed with Basil Hayden's bourbon whiskey, this drink pairs well with multigrain crackers and Gouda cheese. 

  3. Peach Old Fashioned

    Peach liqueur and Elijah Craig bourbon whisky combine for a fruity chilled drink, pairing well with cream cheese stuffed jalapeño peppers.

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  4. Chai Ginger Bourbon Cocktail

    The chai flavor comes from chai-infused whisky that you make yourself! Pair this cocktail with soft pretzels

  5. Bourbon Swizzle

    Bulleit bourbon brings big flavor to this colorful layered drink. 

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  6. DIY Cinnamon Bourbon

    Make your own cinnamon bourbon and sip! Or use it to make the cocktail below. 

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  7. Coffee and Doughnuts Cocktail

    Using the DIY cinnamon bourbon or your favorite cinnamon whiskey, you can make a liquid boozy version of a cinnamon doughnut.