8 Special Occasion Cocktails That Taste Like Christmas

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8 Special Occasion Cocktails That Taste Like Christmas

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Coconut and sugar-rimmed martini glass filled with Christmas Cosmo, garnished with cranberries


December 14 2021


Cheers to a few of our favorite spirited cocktails for Christmas.

  1. Starry Night Champagne

    Just three ingredients to make these sweet cocktails. 

  2. Christmas Cosmo

    Dress up your cocktail glasses with shredded coconut for a Christmas feel.

  3. Apple Pie Shooter

    Skip the pie and enjoy this cocktail that tastes just like apple pie. 

  4. Captain's Pumpkin Spice

    This cocktail is for the pumpkin spice lovers!

  5. Christmas Martini

    Wish everyone a merry martini Christmas with this cocktail.

  6. Peppermint-White Chocolate Eggnog

    You'll be sipping in a winter wonderland in this creamy cocktail. 

  7. Frostbite

    The only frostbite you'll want!

  8. Snowdrift Ice Cream Cocktail

    Serve these dessert cocktails after the big holiday meal.