7 Glaze Recipes to Make Your Best-Ever Easter Ham

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7 Glaze Recipes to Make Your Best-Ever Easter Ham

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March 28 2022


Go ahead, ham it up! These aren't your average ham glaze recipes. These recipes are reserved for the title of "Best-Ever Easter Ham." We even have some tricks up our sleeves... have you tried using root beer or balsamic nectar as the base of your ham glaze? Maybe you should!

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  1. Orange Honey Mustard

    Orange, honey, and mustard: the perfect ingredients for a sweet and savory glaze for a holiday ham.

  2. Balsamic-Nectar

    The balsamic glaze adds a tanginess to this otherwise sweet ham glaze. One taste of this glaze recipe, and you'll be coming back to it time and time again.

  3. Root Beer

    Sweet and savory ham glazed with root beer?! We're wondering why it took us so long to discover this recipe! 

  4. Teriyaki

    Crave the combo of sweet and savory? What about umami and sweet? We're talking light brown sugar and soy sauce.

  5. Sugar and Spice

    Sugar, spice, and everything nice... that's what your guests will be saying about this ham recipe.

  6. Pomegranate

    Add some fresh tang to your glaze by using pomegranate juice. Add sweetness by adding brown sugar and honey.

  7. Fruit and Ginger

    It's like having a holiday ham on the beach... just without the beach. Combine crushed pineapple, ginger, and apricot preserves for a tropical twist.