Top 10 Classic Christmas Cookies

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Top 10 All-Time Classic Christmas Cookies

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December 14 2021


Chances are at least one of these will make your Christmas cookie tray. 

  1. Almond Linzer

    Make different shapes for a fun cookie variety. 

  2. Holiday Spritz

    These cookies are super easy to decorate. 

  3. Chocolate Crinkles

    A chocolate classic that will melt in your mouth. 

  4. Classic Cutouts

    Test your decorating skills on these delicious cookies. 

  5. Gingerbread

    Make these to go with your gingerbread house. 

  6. Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwiches

    Cinnamon caramel goodness in each bite!

  7. Monster Cookies

    The classic peanut butter cookie with coated chocolate candies. 

  8. Pinwheels

    These cookies reveal a fun pinwheel shape and taste amazing!

  9. Peanut Butter Stars

    A dollop of chocolate on a warm peanut butter cookie tastes like heaven. 

  10. Molasses Cookies

    Dip these tasty cookies in white chocolate