9 Ways to Cook Sirloin Steak When It's Too Cold for Grilling

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9 Ways to Cook Sirloin Steak When It's Too Cold for Grilling

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January 1 2019


In the Midwest, we have two seasons. Grilling and non-grilling, and both are ideal for steak night.

Learn to cook perfect sirloin steak in a skillet or oven. Here's how we do top sirloin steak in the off season.


  1. Sheet Pan Steak & Eggs

    One pan. One giant meat-and-potatoes meal. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  2. Steak Salad

    Give your sirloin steak a dip in a savory marinade for about 30 minutes. Then slice it thin and pop it in the oven with the roasting potatoes. Because every salad should have meat AND potatoes. 

  3. Caesar Steak Wraps

    Follow this recipe and learn to broil sirloin steaks for wraps, sandwiches, salads, basically anything. 

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  4. Cheese Steak Packets

    With options for the oven and grill, there's no wrong time for a cheese steak night. 

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  5. Steak Tips and Parmesan Potatoes

    If you like the sound of steak tips and cheesy potatoes, you've found the right recipe. (And you're not alone.)

  6. Korean Steak Collard Wraps

    This recipe feels like a lot of steps, but they're all super easy to do. Start with the sesame marinade for the sirloin, then the rest comes together quickly. 

  7. Loaded Jicama Fries

    The longest part of this recipe is just waiting for the jicama fries to roast. The sirloin steak strips cook in around 5 minutes. 

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  8. Beef Teriyaki Stir-Fry

    Ah, stir-fry, it's the weeknight timesaver. It's nice to know you can have a tasty steak dish on the table in 20 minutes. And with just 6 ingredients.

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  9. Mushroom Beef Stroganoff

    Really, what's more comforting than a bowl of buttery noodles topped with savory sirloin?

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