10 Winter Cocktails & Mocktails for When You Have People Over

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10 Winter Cocktails & Mocktails for When You Have People Over

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November 21 2022


Shake things up with a tasty concoction and cheers to some well-deserved friends & family time. 

  1. Gingerbread Dark and Stormy Cocktails

    This specialty cocktail is made with Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced Rum. Look for it around the holidays.

  2. Peppermint Santa Martini

    Even after Santa's back at the North Pole, this cocktail will still taste delicious.

  3. Jim Beam Rosemary Lemonade

    When you want lemonade to warm you up instead of cool you down, just add a splash of Jim Beam.

  4. Peppercorn Paloma

    Mexico’s summer cocktail gets a winter makeover with aromatic spices and herbs.

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  5. Apple Cider Mimosas

    Apple cider and champagne ... who knew!?

  6. Pomegranate Spiced Hot Chocolate

    The chocolate liqueur is optional (it's pretty sweet already), but this one will definitely warm you right up.

  7. Sparkling Blood Orange Cocktail

    This one works well with either vodka, tequila or no alcohol at all, but the blood orange Italian soda is non-negotiable.

  8. Apple Pie Beertail

    It might seem like an innocent cider, but this cocktail includes both whiskey and beer.

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  9. Old Fashioned

    This classic cocktail tastes just like the holidays.

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  10. Pink Mocktail

    Bubbly and tangy, you won't even miss the alcohol in this puckery-sweet drink.

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