10 Mocktails to Sip at Any Celebration

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10 Mocktails to Sip at Any Celebration

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December 21 2023


You'll want to mix up these mocktails all the time.

  1. Watermelon-Cucumber Coolers

    Made with cucumber slices and fresh watermelon, you'll taste freshness in every sip. 

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  2. Sparkling Purple Punch

    This mocktail gets its fruity flavor from an unexpected ingredient — sherbet! Top each glass with a skewer of fresh berries.

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  3. Cotton Candy Mocktails

    With its cotton candy and sprinkle garnishes, this fun mocktail is the perfect addition to your next gathering with friends and family. 

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  4. Cucumber-Basil Nojito

    We call this sip a "Nojito" — because there's no trace of alcohol in this mojito-inspired mocktail.

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  5. Spicy Citrus Mocktail

    One sip of this Spicy Citrus Mocktail will transport your taste buds to a sunny oceanside! The jalapeño slices and Tajín seasoned glass add an extra kick.

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  6. Sparkling Cranberry-Pomegranate Juice

    The next time you want to sip on a festive holiday mocktail, reach for this Sparkling Cranberry-Pomegranate Juice. One batch makes eight mocktails — so you can serve all your guests!

  7. Hurricane Mocktail

    Looking for a taste of the tropics? Try this nonalcoholic twist on a Hurricane Cocktail served with a pineapple wedge garnish.

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  8. Spiced Raspberry Apple Cider

    Cozy up to a warm glass of apple cider. But first, ramp up the flavor by simmering the cider with raspberry, cinnamon sticks and rosemary.

  9. Cranberry Spritzer

    Enjoy this sparkling seasonal sip during the holiday season — or any season! Simply add the ingredients to a glass, mix and enjoy.

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  10. Pink Mocktail

    This big-batch Pink Mocktail is perfect for any party. Think birthdays, bachelorette parties, brunches, bridal showers and more!

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