10 Best Cheeses for Melting

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10 Best Cheeses for Melting

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January 31 2024


Here's our top 10 list of cheeses that are the absolute best for melting, plus the recipes we love to use them in.

  1. Colby

    An all-American cheese, Colby is firm but mild-flavored and creamy.

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  2. Havarti

    This Danish easy-melting cheese has a mild aroma and flavor with hints of butter and sweetness.

  3. Swiss

    Swiss is best known for its predominant holey appearance, but also for its nutty flavor and soft texture.

  4. Fontina

    Like a cross between Havarti and Swiss, this cheese is buttery and mellow.

  5. Monterey Jack

    A firm cheese, Monterey and other Jack cheeses are creamy and fresh tasting.

  6. Muenster

    Full of complex flavors, rich Muenster is soft yet savory with an underlying tang.

  7. Provolone

    This Italian cheese has a creamy, well-rounded flavor. Slices are ideal for melting.

  8. Smoked Gouda

    Smoked Gouda has a robust flavor yet remains smooth and supple enough to melt.

  9. Aged Cheddar

    The older the Cheddar, the sharper it tastes. Choose at least a medium-aged Cheddar.

  10. Blue Cheese

    Reach for this pungent speckled cheese when you want a core of bold flavor.