9 Cocoa Recipes for the Holidays

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9 Cocoa Recipes for the Holidays

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November 27 2020


It's not the holidays if you don't have hot cocoa. But what variation will you have? We've got recipes to make your own from-scratch mix as well as red velvet, pink velvet, white chocolate, and even some spiked adults-only variations. We can't wait to snuggle up to the fire and sip on our favorite cocoa!

  1. Slow Cooker Hot Cocoa

    There's nothing better than a hot cocoa bar. Make this hot cocoa in your slow cooker and then turn to the "keep warm" setting so that cocoa stays warm when you go back for more.

  2. Pink Velvet Hot Cocoa

    You've heard of red velvet, what about pink velvet?! Our strawberry and white chocolate version of holiday-favorite cocoa is a must-have!

  3. Hot Cocoa Mix from Seasons

    This mix is the central ingredient needed to unlock chocolaty flavors in a variety of foods and drinks. It uses ground semisweet chocolate, making it ideal for hot cocoa and baked desserts. Here's our best advice: Always keep a batch on hand.

  4. White Hot Chocolate from Season's Magazine

    Are you a white chocolate fan? Maybe it's time to give white hot chocolate a try!

  5. Hot Dark Chocolate

    Bitter dark chocolate makes for the best-balanced flavor of cocoa. Trust us on this one. 

  6. Spiked Red Velvet Hot Cocoa

    Mmm. Our first adults-only spiked recipe. If you haven't tried Bailey's Red Velvet liqueur, the best way to enjoy it is in this specialty hot cocoa. 

  7. Oreo Mint Cocoa

    Oreos in our cocoa?! Yes, please!

  8. Snowman Hot Chocolate

    These marshmallow snowmen are almost too cute to eat. 

  9. Hot Milk Chocolate

    You can't go wrong with a classic!