4 Hot Cocoa Bombs to Melt in Your Mug

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4 Hot Cocoa Bombs to Melt in Your Mug

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January 21 2021


Have you tried the trend taking over the internet? Our hot cocoa bomb can be made and shaped using molds you have on hand. (Hint: They're tablespoon measures). If you're looking for something more than the basic hot cocoa bomb, we came up with other flavors including cherry chocolate, mint chocolate, and white chocolate mocha. No matter which recipe you make, these cocoa bombs are sure to melt-in-your-mug with the help of some warm milk.

  1. The Original

    It all started with the original cocoa bomb. Dip tablespoon measures in white or dark chocolate and set in the freezer. Once it's set, fill with cocoa mix and the cutest-ever marshmallow bits!

  2. Cherry Chocolate

    How did we make this cherry and chocolate cocoa bomb? We filled the chocolate shell with cocoa mix, cherry chocolate chips, and a Luxardo cherry. 

  3. Mint Chocolate

    If chocolate-mint candies are your favorites, you're going to want to try this cocoa bomb! Not only does it get chocolate-mint candies on the inside of the cocoa bomb, but you can also use some extra as "garnish," or, ya know, just to give your cocoa an extra punch of minty flavor.

  4. White Chocolate Mocha

    A white chocolate shell filled with cocoa mix and instant espresso powder. We don't know about you, but we want to add this cocoa bomb to our morning cup of coffee!