8 Viral TikTok-Inspired Recipes

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8 Viral TikTok-Inspired Recipes

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April 16 2021


TikTok food trends, hacks, and recipes have changed the way we find new food ideas! From Hot Cocoa Bombs to Banana Peel Bacon, Strawberry-Tomato Boursin Pasta to Cloud Bread, here are our favorite viral recipes inspired by TikTok.

  1. Bacon Spirals

    These candied bacon twists have a delicious kick of heat.

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  2. Hot Cocoa Bombs

    This delicious hot chocolate hack can be made using tablespoons.

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  3. Pancake Cereal

    Combine two breakfast staples into one tasty bowl.

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  4. Strawberry-Tomato Boursin Pasta

    The combo of strawberries and tomatoes may seem odd, but trust us—it's amazing. We even have a video tutorial to walk you through the recipe.

  5. Banana Peel Bacon

    Banana Peel Bacon might be the weirdest food trend out there, but it's a new vegan go-to.

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  6. Cloud Bread

    Everyone loves baking bread, and this pastel-colored Cloud Bread makes the process especially easy.

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  7. Whipped Coffee

    Who knew instant coffee could look and taste so decadent?

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  8. Strawberry-Banana Tortilla Wrap

    If you haven't made a quesadilla, breakfast wrap, or sweet snack using this tortilla hack... you're doing it wrong.