13 School Lunches, Snacks, and Desserts Kids Won't Trade at the Lunch Table

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13 School Lunches, Snacks, and Desserts Kids Won't Trade at the Lunch Table

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August 5 2020


These kid-approved lunches, snacks, and desserts are easy to fix, decorate, and don't require any re-heating. Plus, they'll love them so much, they won't be tempted to trade them with their friends! You can even get your kiddo's help when decorating, packing, and topping their lunches. The more involved they are in meal planning and prepping, the more foods they're likely to try and enjoy!

  1. Chicken Salad Space Rocket Burritos

    You can absolutely play with your food ... and get the kids involved! Have them help make their lunch with this fun and easy chicken salad space rocket burrito!

  2. Apple Crunch Kitty Sandwich

    Get kids involved in lunchtime by having them help create these kitty sandwiches! Filled with apples, soy butter, and cereal, they won't even realize they're eating something healthy (and completely peanut-free!)

  3. Totable Mac 'N' Cheese Bars

    Mac and cheese bars. Yes, please! Freeze bars and throw in the refrigerator before serving or pack frozen bars in a school lunch box and by lunchtime, the bars will be thawed. 

  4. Tuna Taco Pouch

    They're like walking tacos, but with tuna! Just pack a tuna pouch with a few of your favorite taco toppers and lunch is served. And if tacos aren't their thing, try our BBQ Tuna Slider and/or Tuna Cobb Salad variations!

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  5. Rainbow Bread

    Get your kids excited for lunchtime by making them a sandwich made out of rainbow bread! It's easier to make than you think ... all thanks to Hy-Vee frozen white bread dough.

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  6. Pizza Animal Pancakes

    Turn pancakes into pizzas by adding sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings. If you're feeling extra creative, you can even turn them into your kids' favorite animals. Just follow our easy directions!

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  7. Apple Spiders

    These cute spiders are made from apples, peanut butter, and pretzel sticks. They make for the perfect midday or after school snack!

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  8. Banana "Sushi"

    The perfect post-school snack. Wrap peanut butter spread tortillas around sliced bananas and top with your favorite toppers such as cereal, nuts, and chocolate chips.

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  9. Celery Critters

    These kid-friendly creepy crawly critters are a tasty way to get kids to eat their fruits and vegetables.

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  10. Monster Mouths

    Create these kid-friendly scary monster mouths for a healthy after-school snack.

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  11. Easy Cookie Critters

    Use refrigerated cookie dough to make the base and the tops of the cookies and use frosting and candy to create your own unique critter.

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  12. Cutie Cupcakes

    Create adorably decorated cupcakes by using Hy-Vee bakery cupcakes as your base.

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  13. Apricot Hand Pies

    Some of the best desserts come in small packages, as proven with these jam-filled pastries. They don't have to be apricot, either. Just use your favorite jam (a.k.a. whatever's in the fridge).

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