15 Affordable Hy-Vee Brands to Add to Your Grocery Cart

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15 Affordable Hy-Vee Brands to Add to Your Grocery Cart

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July 31 2020


Hy-Vee stays on the hunt with food suppliers throughout the Midwest and across the globe to fill aisles with products that are in demand, on-trend, and price-conscious. So, go ahead! Fill your cart! Look for these Hy-Vee products on your next trip to Hy-Vee, or shop online for grocery delivery or pickup.

  1. Crav'n Flavor

    Dozens of varieties of frozen pizzas and appetizers are found within this product line. Hy-Vee uses hearty meats, cheeses, and flavorful veggies to make delicious heat-and-eat appetizers and mains. 

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  2. Culinary Tours

    Condiments, crackers, pastas, desserts, entrees, appetizers, and sides all inspired by cultural cuisines ... what doesn't this product line have? Shop Culinary Tours for a taste of global flavor.

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  3. It's Your Churn

    This isn't your everyday ice cream, it's ice cream you'll want to eat every day! Available in 24 premium flavors including seasonal flavors, this creamy ice cream is great for sundaes, shakes, and so much more. 

  4. Gustare Vita

    Exclusively at Hy-Vee! Suberb sauces, pastas, vinegars, oils, Italian Sodas, canned tomatoes, and baked goods direct from Italy with authentic flavors. Not to mention, we have tons of authentic Italian recipes featuring Gustare Vita products! Order on Aisles Online and get cooking!

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  5. Paws Happy Life

    Dry canned and pouch foods plus treats, toys, litter, grooming products, and accessories for all your pets with paws (AKA dogs and cats!) Not only can you find this brand in the pet aisle at Hy-Vee, but you can also order all your pet needs on Aisles Online.

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  6. Top Care

    Vitamins, over-the-counter drugs, first-aid products, and health and beauty care all at affordable prices. These quality products are laboratory-tested to ensure the highest quality and they're affordable and just as effective as top name brands. If you're feeling under the weather, order your meds for delivery or store pickup.

  7. Wide Awake Coffee Co.

    Coffee the way you like it. We're talking grounds, whole beans, and single-serve brews in a variety of mild, medium, and dark roasts all made from 100% Arabica beans for a fresh and robust flavor. Make sure you always have it on hand. Keep it on your grocery list or in your cart so you never run out!

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  8. Hy-Vee Private Label

    What doesn't the Hy-Vee label have? Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, salad mixes, cereals, canned tuna, eggs, milk, pasta, rice, potatoes, peanut butter, bread, yogurt, snacks ... get the picture? With the same quality as national brands and at a cost of 30% less, make sure these ingredients make it into your cart!

  9. Zoet Chocolates

    Zoet premium white, milk, and dark Belgian chocolate bars hit the spot every time. With a variety of flavors and mix-ins,l you're sure to find the perfect dessert or sweet treat you need to get through your day. Try them for yourself at an affordable price.

  10. Alcohol

    We've got something to suit everyone's needs. Try Row Vodka, Cross Keys Rum, and Finagren's Irish Whiskey to make your favorite cocktail. They're more affordable than top brands, and taste even better. 

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  11. Hy-Vee One Step

    Want to feel good about your purchases? Reach for the Hy-Vee One Step label. Each purchase of eggs, cereal, potatoes, bottled water, or paper goods help Hy-Vee feed the hungry, build wells, and plant trees. Add Hy-Vee One Step products to your cart today!

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  12. Til The Cows Come Home

    Grab a pint of this premium ice cream exclusive to Hy-Vee! Have fun choosing from the pun-laden flavors: Shiver Me Truffles! Caramel; Kick in the Peanut Butter; Please Sir I Want S'More; Say Cheese Cheesecake; It Was Mint to Be, and many more. Find your favorite flavor on Aisles Online!

  13. That's Smart!

    Want to fill your cart without emptying your wallet? This line of budget-friendly kitchen and pantry essentials is designed to help you save more across the store. We even have recipes to help you cook dishes your family will love. Add them to your cart and get cooking!

  14. Hy-Vee Hickory House

    Sauces, rubs, and marinades put the spark in ribs, wings, chicken, and steak. Go for Texas-or-Carolina-style BBQ, Caribbean Jerk, Asian teriyaki, tangy buffalo, or classic steakhouse flavor.