8 Appetizer Recipes for a Havarti Party

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8 Appetizer Recipes for a Havarti Party

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March 28 2022


Hosting a party? Make it a Havarti party! These are our top 8 go-to appetizer recipes for having people over. We're talking hot crab dip, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, and baked Havarti in puff pastry. 

  1. Grilled Havarti-and-Fig Cheese Sandwiches

    Grill up these grilled cheese sandwiches and cut them into bite-size pieces to make them into mini appetizers.

  2. Havarti-Stuffed Mushrooms

    Who doesn't love a stuffed mushroom? Create these easy appetizers with just 3 ingredients!

  3. Cheesy Havarti and Broccoli Soup

    You've heard of broccoli-Cheddar soup, but what about Havarti and broccoli soup?

  4. Baked Havarti in Puff Pastry

    Try wrapping your block of Havarti in puffed pastry for a ooey-gooey app.

  5. Italian Havarti Toasts

    Skip the mozzarella and reach for Havarti! Top with your favorite bruschetta ingredients for an Italian-style starter.

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  6. Havarti White Pizza

    Sharable pizza wedges. Can you think of a better appetizer?

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  7. Havarti Cantaloupe Bites

    Sweet and savory poppable bites. Those are always the best appetizers.

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  8. Hot Crab and Havarti Dip

    There's just something about a cheesy crab dip...

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