8 Havarti Recipes Worth Melting For

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8 Havarti Recipes Worth Melting For

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March 28 2022


We are spotlighting a humble semi-soft cheese that is always the life of the party, Havarti. Originating from Denmark, and processed using a washed-curd method. This processing step is unique to Havarti; it helps culminate the mildly sweet flavor and texture that is beloved by all.

Havarti is like your no-drama friend who gets along with all flavors. Due to its mild, sweet, and subtly nutty flavor it can take on bold flavor profiles. Havarti pairs well with beer, wine, savory and sweet dishes. Put this cheese on your next charcuterie board and we guarantee it will be the first cheese you are having to replenish. Havarti does not stop at being the workhorse on the charcuterie board; it also melts like a dream. Make this cheese the obvious choice for your next grilled cheese! Check out 8 Havarti recipes that are definitely worth melting for.

  1. Havarti and Herb Lahvosh

    Haven't had lahvosh? It's a thin and crispy flatbread, also called a cracker bread, that can be topped like a pizza or pita, or broken into pieces for dipping. You can typically find them in packs of three. 

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  2. Jalapeño Havarti Chicken Casserole

    Using queso blanco along with Havarti cheese gives this dish a melty, creamy goodness associated with traditional mac and cheese.

  3. Havarti-Stuffed French Toast Recipe

    Essentially a breakfast grilled cheese! Serve with currant jelly or drizzle with maple syrup. Either way, set another place at your breakfast table because we are coming!

  4. Asparagus and Havarti Quiche

    Asparagus and Havarti are vibin' in this flaky tender quiche! Brunch has never sounded so good. 

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  5. Spinach and Havarti Panini with Olive Tapenade Recipe

    The cheese pull on the panini sandwich is out of this world! Havarti cheese will offset the briny olive flavor to create a culinary masterpiece. 

  6. Havarti Bacon Turkey Burgers

    Melty cheese is a must for any worthy burger, and if melting was an Olympic sport, Havarti would take home the gold. 

  7. Spinach, Bacon and Havarti Strata Recipe

    This spinach, bacon and Havarti Strata is out of this stratosphere!

  8. Asparagus-Havarti Grilled Cheese

    5 ingredients stand between you and the most flavorful grilled cheese.