12 Flavors of Wings for your Game Day Playbook

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12 Flavors of Wings for your Game Day Playbook

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October 9 2023


What's your favorite wing? Buffalo? Barbecue? Or crunchy Parmesan and herb? No matter the flavor, we've got all your favorites and some new ones to try on game day.

  1. Gluten-Free Boneless Buffalo Wings

    This gluten-free version of a game-day favorite boasts a fiery flavor.

  2. Game-Day Wings

    These buffalo wings are begging to be served on game day.

  3. PB & J Sticky Wings

    Sauce up these wings with Asian-style peanut sauce and Sriracha jelly.

  4. Easy Tangy Chicken Wings

    When you serve these easy wings, no one will think you were just "winging it."

  5. Slow Cooker Wings

    What could be easier than these two-ingredient wings? Bake in the oven and keep 'em warm in the slow cooker throughout your game day festivities. 

  6. Spicy Cajun Chicken Wings

    Add a little kick to your game-day snack spread.

  7. Sweet and Spicy Garlic Wings

    They're sweet, spicy and garlicky. Do wings get any better than this? 

  8. Crispy Herb-Parmesan Wings

    These crispy, cheesy wings will be a game-day favorite. 

  9. Smoky Maple-Chipotle Wings

    The smokin' deep flavor makes these a winner, winner.

  10. Seasoned Pepper Wings

    Pepper steak seasoning brings the ultimate game-day flavor to these wings.

  11. Sweet and Sticky Hot Wings

    Try these hot wings with a homemade citrusy lime sauce — you won't be disappointed.

  12. Basil-Pesto Wings

    Have you ever tried basil and pesto flavor on wings? If not, you're missing out.