10 Slow Cooker Appetizers to Take to the Tailgate

Entertaining: Game Day
10 Slow Cooker Appetizers to Take to the Tailgate

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September 25 2023


It's tailgating season! So, break out your slow cooker, Crockpot or whatever you want to call it... We've got easy appetizers to kick off the tailgate! They're easy, transportable and totally tailgate-worthy.

  1. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Nachos

    Nachos and game day go hand-in-hand. Make the pulled pork in the slow cooker and then layer it with your favorite chips and nacho toppings.

  2. Slow Cooker Chili Con Queso

    The easiest part is adding all your ingredients to your slow cooker. The hardest part is waiting until it's ready to dig in.

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  3. Slow Cooker Wings

    Who doesn't love wings on game day? Set 'em and forget 'em in your slow cooker until you're ready to dig in.

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  4. Hawaiian-Hot Honey Mini Ham Balls

    Ready to kick off your tailgate with a kick of flavor? Your crowd will vote for this easy appetizer as the tailgate MVP.

  5. Slow-Cooked BBQ Country-Style Ribs

    At the tailgate or homegate, ribs are always a crowd-pleaser. Keep it simple by reaching for this recipe and your slow cooker.

  6. Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Is it really game day if you don't have Buffalo Chicken Dip at your tailgate? 

  7. Slow Cooker Corn Dip

    Savory Corn Dip is always a hit at the tailgate.

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  8. Tangy Party Meatballs

    These meatballs are always the first to disappear at the tailgate. Just keep them in the slow cooker and serve them with toothpicks for everyone to easily grab their own portable snack.

  9. Hot Spinach Dip

    This dip is cheesy, garlicky and full of flavor. That's exactly what we want within arm's reach on game day.

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  10. Jalapeno Chicken Nacho Dip

    Jalapeno. Chicken. Nacho. Dip. It's all right there in the name.

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