10 Delicious Dairy-Free Recipes

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10 Delicious Dairy-Free Recipes

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January 3 2023


You'll never believe these delicious recipes are dairy-free! This list contains our best dairy-free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. We're sure your tastebuds will be satisfied at every meal.

  1. Almond-Orange Waffles

    Wake up to a plate of waffles that are bursting with fresh citrus flavor.

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  2. Rainforest Tilapia Burrito Bowls

    Delicious, flaky tilapia is so versatile. Just a little citrus and herbs are all you need.

  3. Almond-Coconut Crepes

    Thanks to Good Graces ingredients, these dairy-free crepes are gluten-free, too. 

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  4. Tuscan Lemon Chicken

    You'll definitely want leftovers of this Tuscan Lemon Chicken. May we suggest making a second batch?

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  5. Hawaiian-Style Garlic Shrimp

    Enjoy roasted garlic shrimp on a bed of homemade tropical Pineapple-Coconut Brown Rice. Good thing we have recipes for both!

  6. Instant Almond Milk Ice Cream

    Dairy-free ice cream without an ice cream maker? It's true! Simply blend the ingredients and freeze. 

  7. Cajun Chicken Skewers

    These easy and juicy chicken skewers will surely be a crowd-pleaser at your next barbecue.

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  8. Chocolaty Avocado Pudding

    Ditch the milk and cream with this silky no-bake chocolate avocado-based pudding.

  9. Dukkah-Crusted Salmon

    Dukkah is an Egyptian spice blend of toasted nuts and seeds, and it packs this one-pan dish full of flavor.

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  10. Dairy-Free Frozen Yogurt Bark

    This frozen yogurt bark is everything you're looking for in a breakfast, snack or dessert.