8 Easy Copycat Recipes That Will Save You Money

8 Easy Copycat Recipes That Will Save You Money

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Glass and spoon of cappuccino frappe


June 4 2021


Inspired by our favorite routine takeout items, we crunched the numbers to see how much money we would save if we made our own versions at home.

  1. Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

    You might pay between $5 to $7 for one of these monster breakfast bagels. Or you can make 5 of these Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches for that, at $1.59 per serving.

  2. Broccoli Cheese Soup Bread Bowl

    Soup in a bread bowl runs between $6 and $7 per serving. This one can be done for $1.71 for the soup, and $3.20 if you get bread bowls from the Bakery.

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  3. Strawberry Chicken Salad

    Salads are pricey, especially when you add chicken, which can put them over the $10 mark. We were able to make this fancy bistro-style version for just $5.28 per salad.  

  4. Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

    You know the ones we're talking about. Save yourself an expensive trip out to eat and still enjoy a basket of warm cheesy biscuits, for less than $.50 a piece.

  5. Cappuccino Frappe

    For more specialty coffee drinks, it's easier to just order them, right? We used to think that. Until we discovered this easy shortcut version that costs less than $1 per serving.

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  6. Loaded Burritos

    For just over $2 a piece, you can have twice as many burritos for what you'd pay for takeout. In fact, we made 8 Ground Pork Burritos for less than $18. 

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  7. Pesto Chicken Pasta

    If you're spending big bucks on pasta with added chicken, consider this: You can have a big bowl for yourself for $2.33. This recipe makes enough for 4—all for less than $10.  

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  8. Shortcut Pizza Wedges

    Pizza's hit or miss when it comes to price. Sometimes you can get a great deal; other times not. But one thing's for sure. You can make these simple Shortcut Pizza Wedges for $.92 a serving.