18 Scratch-Made Cakes for Special Occasions

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18 Scratch-Made Cakes for Special Occasions

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September 22 2020


Don't spend hours searching the internet for a recipe for a scratch-made cake for special occasions. This is your go-to list! We've got everything from the classic chocolate and vanilla sheet cakes (heck, we even have marble!) to citrus olive oil cake and pear-treacle cakes. So, go on, take a gander and then get baking!

  1. Chocolate Sheet Cake

    Adding hot coffee to this chocolate sheet cake gives it a tender and soft crumb while pumping up that chocolaty flavor. 

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  2. Classic Pound Cake

    Our recipe for a classic soft pound cake is easier to make than you think! We used both vanilla and almond extracts to give this pound cake a birthday cake flavor. If almond extract doesn't suit you, just substitute with vanilla extract.

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  3. Rhubarb Bread

    Is it a cake or bread? Whatever it is, it's filled with rhubarb and is subtly sweet making it the perfect pairing for coffee. 

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  4. Classic Marble Cake

    There's no need to make two separate batters for a marble cake. Simply melt Zoet chocolate bars and mix into a small portion of the vanilla cake batter. Then, just swirl and bake. Oh, and you can't forget about topping it with our Marble Buttercream Frosting!

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  5. Best-Ever Vanilla Cake

    There are two reasons this vanilla cake is the best ever. One: It's the easiest cake to whip up. And two: It bakes perfectly every single time. 

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  6. Lemon-Glazed Triple-Berry Streusel Bread

    Lemon and berries, meet your new sweet streusel bread.

  7. Carrot Cake Snack Bars

    Our Test Kitchen's favorite recipe for carrot cake bars. Why do we love it? Because you can pick up a package of pre-shredded carrots instead of shredding them yourself! Oh, and because of the cream cheese frosting.

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  8. Strawberry Rhubarb Almond Cake

    Spring is fresh rhubarb season. What better way to enjoy fresh rhubarb than with a homemade cake? 

  9. Citrus-Olive Oil Cake

    Olive oil cake gets a citrusy pick-me-up with fresh lemon and orange zest and juice. 

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  10. Chocolate Molten Chocolate Cakes

    Looking for an impressive yet simple chocolaty dessert? This is it. We took the liberty of lightening it up a tad by topping it with a lower calorie ice cream. You're welcome. 

  11. Christmas Jelly Roll Cake

    The classic yule log cake gets a modern update with piped-on designs and a whipped cream and cherry jam filling. And if it's not Christmas, just switch up the piped designs or skip them altogether.

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  12. Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

    A chocolate cake no one will know is vegan... we promise!

  13. Butternut Squash Coffee Cake

    Our butternut squash coffee cake combines everything you love about coffee cake with the flavors of carrot cake. Using butternut squash gives a sweeter flavor when compared to carrots and also adds moisture to the cake.

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  14. Pear-Treacle Cake

    Firm, crisp pears poach beautifully without breaking down or falling apart. The longer the pears stay in the flavorful liquid after poaching, the better they’ll taste.

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  15. Flourless Chocolate Torte

    Rich and decadent like a delicate fudge, a small slice of this flourless chocolate cake is all you need to get your fix.

  16. Lemon-Raspberry Marshmallow Torte

    Sweet marshmallow meringue is swirled onto the cake, then lightly browned in the oven or with a handheld culinary torch. It's an elegant dessert.

  17. Double Chocolate Cake

    Quit drooling and preheat the oven... good and chocolatey things are in your near future. 

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  18. Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

    The vote was unanimous: This cake is AMAZING. It almost melts in your mouth and the flavor is big and fruity.

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