11 Foods We Hated as Kids and Now Love

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11 Foods We Hated as Kids and Now Love

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February 13 2020


If you've got a picky eater at home, don't lose hope. We rounded up a list of all the things we refused to eat as kids and now to refuse to give up as adults.

  1. Brussel Sprouts

    Something about these mini cabbages was easy to pass up as a kid. But now? Gimme, gimme, gimme! Especially when they're cooked with bacon or prepared au gratin.

  2. Radishes

    Maybe it's because they're pretty trendy, thinly saved over Bahn Mi or floating on our ramen, but we can't get enough of these mildly spicy little veggies. What do you think your inner 8-year-old would say about avocado toast with radishes?

  3. Beets

    Maybe it's because we grew up with the canned version as our only option, but today, we'll put fresh roasted beets are everything from salads to pizzas.

  4. Tomatoes

    Ketchup not included, tomatoes were not something we ate like candy when we were young. Maybe if we had tried them with fresh mozzarella?

  5. Beans

    It might have been a texture thing when we were kids, but there's no way we were enjoying beans in our younger years. Today, however, is a different story, especially with recipes like this.

  6. Shrimp & Seafood

    You didn't like seafood as a kid? Us, too. But my, how our palates change! Today, the recommendation to eat seafood at least twice a week is music to our ears.


  7. Strong Cheeses

    Velveeta, the orange powder from the mac & cheese box, and mozzarella on pizza are the only cheesy things we liked as kids. Now we know how much we've been missing out on all the incredible flavors and textures of cheese.

  8. Coffee-Flavored Things

    It's probably for the best that we didn't like coffee, or anything flavored like it, as kids. But as adults, we're allowed to change our minds about what our taste buds actually like and dislike. We definitely changed our minds about coffee.

  9. Whole Grains

    Unfortunately, as children, we opted out of eating anything described as "whole" or "wheat." Rice, bread, pasta had to be refined as possible for it to be edible. Now, we practically lick our plates when these whole grain waffles are served up.

  10. Eggs over Easy

    Scrambled was the only way we would eat eggs as kids. Things are very, very different now. In fact, a sunny side up egg elevates just about everything ... burgers, toasts, even pizza.

  11. Olives

    It's like we didn't know what flavor was when we were kids. We sure missed out.