Cuts of Meat to Feed a Crowd

Baby Back Ribs with Barbecue Sauce on Wood Surface
8 of the Best Cuts of Meat to Feed a Crowd

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September 15 2017
  1. Porterhouse

    A dramatic steak indeed, a porterhouse is similar to a T-bone but with a heartier portion of tenderloin filet. One porterhouse can feed a whole family.

  2. Baby Back Ribs

    You know you want them, and so do your friends and family. A few racks of ribs on the grill is sure to turn a hungry crowd into a happy crowd.

  3. Kansas City Strip Steaks

    These 8-ounce beauties could easily be cut in half to serve twice as many ... if you dare.

  4. Beef Tenderloin

    An unexpected swirl of cherry sauce is embedded in this succulent Sunflower-Encrusted Tenderloin, which is a nice surprise for every one of the 16 people it serves.

  5. Pork Tenderloins

    Paired with potatoes and something green, pork tenderloins are a familiar Midwestern classic for feeding a crowd. You can buy them marinated or add your own seasonings.

  6. Smoked Brisket

    The ultimate crowd favorite, one 6- to 8-pound beef brisket is enough to feed 24 people. Although, that doesn't account for everyone wanting seconds—which they will.

  7. Pulled Pork

    There's a reason pulled pork is so popular among crowds. Two reasons actually: 1. It's easy 2. It's delicious. Plus you can make a little or a lot, depending on your roast size. A 9-pound bone-in Boston butt pork roast will yield about 36 4-ounce servings of shredded pork.

  8. Whole Chicken

    Inexpensive and really easy to do, grilling or roasting a whole chicken is always a winner at the dinner table.